Error: domain-thread-integrals: invalid thread

Error might be encountered when a zone defined in one of the monitors doesn't exist. For instance, say a surface monitor is defined with an interior surface . Later on the interior surface is changed to wall and iterating the case might lead to

Error: domain-thread-integrals: invalid thread
Error Object: 601
As seen from the error message, it seems that the thread with id "601" does not exist and a monitor definition is trying to use it. Before iterating please check the name of the thread with id 601 which can be done through the TUI by issuing the following command:

(thread-name (get-thread 601))

If the zone with the id is indeed missing, then the problem is definitely because of
the monitors. This error occurs when a monitor points to an old thread (zone).

Please try the following to resolve the problem:

1) Delete all the monitors, change the interior to wall, save case file, read
into a new session of FLUENT and redefine the monitors.

2) If this doesn't remove the problem do the following.
- Delete all the monitors
- Change the interior to wall
- Use the text command file/write-bc to write out boundary conditions and
solver settings.
- Read the case into TGrid and save it as a .msh file
- Read the .msh file into a new fluent session. Then read back the boundary
condition file via file/read-bc
- Redefine the monitors.

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