Is there a problem size limit of 2 Gb in the ADAMS Interface on Win64? It seems so, based on the test below. A model with the following statistics gives odd messages. Note that 428,555 nodes x 3dof x (20+6x15 modes) x 16 bytes is slightly greater than 2 Gb.

Nodes = 428,555
Elements = 285,026
Interface points = 15
Number of Model to extract = 20

Message obtained:
*** WARNING *** CP = 2942.188 TIME= 18:32:06
Couldn't seek to mode 105 node 385050position in temporary file.

*** WARNING *** CP= 2942.250 TIME= 18:32:07
Mnf_set_mode_shape_vec error [mnf_writeCMS.3130]

This is defect 63637. Until recently, Windows (or more specifically, Visual Studio that we use to build ANSYS) did not natively support 64-bit file I/O from C *including* Win64, so the MNF library (which does C I/O) cannot create files larger than 2 GB.

We are now building with the latest version of Visual Studio which does support natively 64-bit I/O from C, so R12 will support this.

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