How to debug the error when launching Fluent-Wave cosimulation

During the setup of a Fluent-Wave cosimualtion, the coupling module will be called and the wave will be launched in the background when you click the start button in Define -> 1D coupling panel. Errors may occur at this moment, A typical error may look like this:

Open 1D library:

Opening library
Linking to library symbols ...
Error: RSC_start()
Error Object: #[unknown type 25888]

Opening wave case file: split.wvm... done.

Error: Unknown object encountered in garbage collection
Error Object: #[unknown type 25888]
Error encountered in critical code section

RSimlink V2.4.1
Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Ricardo Software
All Rights Reserved.

EOF on stderr. The fluent process could not be started.

Steps to debugging the problem:

1. Make sure the wave license can be accessed by fluent. You can type in wb to try to launch the Wavebuild. If it starts then Fluent will be able to access the wave license. If not, then:
(1) check with your IT engineer to make sure they are installed correctly, e.g, they should be in the same computer network.
(2) If no installation problem, try to set the path: e.g., setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/packages/ricardo/5.0/libraries/2002.4/lib/lnx24
(3) set the path to the wave script file: e.g., set path=(/usr/local/packages/ricardo/bin $path)

2. If it is HP platform, add the following lines in the wave script file:
if [ `platname -s` = "hp" ]
> then
> export LD_PRELOAD
> fi

3. Check Semaphore on your computer. Wave needs 7 Semaphore to run.
Use ipcs to check how many Metaphore has been used
Use ipcrm to cleanup them

or use the script to do cleanup:



for sem in `ipcs -s | grep $me | awk '{ print $2}'` ; do
ipcrm -s $sem

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