I have defined Named Selections in DesignModeler but they are not transferring into CFX-Pre. I used Meshing Application under Workbench.

The following applies to Workbench version 11.0.

They are several reasons why Named Selections in DesignModeler may not transfer to CFX-Pre correctly:

1. Forgetting to importing DesignModeler Named Selections into the Meshing Application.
If the Named Selections defined in DesignModeler are required in the Meshing Application, the appropriate `Geometry Options` must be selected on the Project page. The Named Selections check box should be selected and the filter should be cleared (to import all names) or set to the appropriate filter if required. The default value of these settings can be controlled from the "Tools > Options > Common Settings > Geometry Import" panel.

If the "New Mesh" action is now selected from the Project page, the Meshing Application will start, load the geometry and load the Named Selections previously defined.

If a mesh is now generated using meshing methods other than CFX-Mesh, the Named Selections defined in DesignModeler will be available when the resulting cmdb file (the meshing database) is imported into CFX-Pre.

Note that any Named Selections defined explicitly within the Meshing Application will not be available in CFX-Pre, irrespective of the mesh method used.

2. Using Multiple Mesh Methods.
If some of the geometry is meshed using CFX-Mesh and some meshed with a different method, only the Named Selections (Composite 2D Regions) from CFX-Mesh will be available in CFX-Pre. If multiple mesh methods are used, but none of them are CFX-Mesh, then all of the Named Selections defined in DesignModeler will be available in CFX-Pre, provided that these are valid with respect to the CFX topology rules.

3. Invalid Named Selections.
The use of Virtual Topology within the Meshing Application can invalidate Named Selection definitions. Consider the case where a Named Selection `Region1` is defined in terms of 4 CAD faces (1,2,3 and 4). If this geometry is then loaded into the Meshing Application and Virtual Topology is used to merge 2 of these faces (3 and 4), the original Named Selection can no longer be resolved. On importing the corresponding cmdb file into CFX-Pre, the Named Selection will be modified so that it only refers to the `resolvable` faces. Hence, in CFX-Pre, the Named Selection `Region1` would be defined in terms of faces 1 & 2 only.

Note, when using Virtual Topology within CFX-Mesh, the region definitions will be updated immediately to resolve the Virtual Topology changes.

4. Named Selections Contains Regions of Shared Topology
Note that your named selection may become lost if you select a region in which topology is shared. When you group bodies together into a multi-body part, you still work with them in DesignModeler as if they are independent bodies. When the model is transferred from DesignModeler to another applet, they combine to form the multi-body part. When the shared topology is merged, usually one of the original entities survives and the others are discarded. If you wish to place a Named Selection in a region of shared topology, it is recommended that all entities in the shared region be chosen in the named selection. For example, if you want a Named Selection on a face that will be shared between two bodies, place the Named Selection on both faces. During transfer, the two faces will be merged, and one of them will persist in the resultant model.

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