Is it possible to transfer a model from WB Simulation to ANSYS?

In WB Simulation Release 11.0, there are at least four methods available to transfer a finite element model from WB Simulation to ANSYS. These methods will transfer the finite element model to ANSYS, but they will not transfer the solid model. However, WB Simulation "Named Selections" will be transferred as ANSYS "Components".

1. In the Details View of the Solution branch, request WB Simulation to save an ANSYS DB file. That DB file can then be resumed from within ANSYS (RESUME).

2. In the Tools Menu, request WB Simulation to write an ANSYS input file. That input file can then be read from within ANSYS (/INPUT).

3. From the Project Page, directly open an ANSYS window in the WB environment. The WB Simulation finite element model will automatically be transferred to that ANSYS window.

4. In a command object, write an ANSYS CDB file (CDWRITE,DB). That CDB file can then be read from within ANSYS (CDREAD).

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