How are the field and multi-field time and timestep sizes set in the Multi-field solver (MFS)?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, the MFS has several different times and timestep sizes. Each individual field solution has its own unique time and timestep size. In addition, the overall multi-field solution has a time and timestep.

The individual field time is set with the TIME command and the field timestep size is set with the DELTIM command. Those settings are written to the field command file. These time settings only pertain to one particular field solution. A field solution iterates until it converges at its specified field time.

The multi-field time is set with the MFITME command and the multi-field timestep size is set with the MFDTIME command. The multi-field time commands are equivalent to field time commands, except that they pertain to the global multi-field solution, not to any field solution. The multi-field solution iterates until all fields converge at the specified multi-field time.

Note: For consistency, all field TIME settings must be less than or equal to the multi-field time step size (MFDTIME).

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