Are there any examples showing how to run an MSUP Transient in Simulation 11.0?

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS Workbench Simulation 11.0 SP1 example of a mode superposition transient analysis. This is currently an unsupported feature in Simulation 11.0, but should be supported at a later date.

The attached model specified a future PSD analysis in the second modal analysis details so that ANSYS would save the .ESAV, .FULL, and .MODE files needed for the MSUP transient analysis. A second modal analysis was used to be able to keep the first modal results. If the two were combined into a single modal analysis, the code reports an error and prevents the mode plots from being viewed. Once again, this is an unsupported workaround, so anything is possible and the results should be inspected with extra care. Finally, if /POST26 plots of nodal displacements are also needed, you can add the appropriate commands including "FILE,,RDSP" to access the contents of the reduced displacement file.

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