Customer gets the following errors when trying to start Workbench8.1 on a linux machine with ./startpage command:

Initialization Error!
The product is not installed correctly!

Output in the xterm window when trying to start CFX 5:

[cfx@anahpc6 "]$ cfx5

CFX-5.7 (C) 1996-2004 CFX Ltd. All rights reserved.

Using 1 CFX-POST license.

Launcher.exe: Fatal 10 error: client killed
An error has occurred in cfx5:

The CFX Launcher /home/cfx/CFX-5.7/bin/linux/Launcher.exe exited with
return code 1.

What is causing these errors?

This is a problem with WB on Linux machines that has been fixed at WB 9.0.

There are two methods to get around this problem:

1) Move /usr/bin/regsvr32 to /usr/bin/regsvr32.old and then install workbench. Once you are done installing, move /usr/bin/regsvr32.old back to /usr/bin/regsvr32


2) The user most likely has installed Wine package on this Linux machine. If they uninstall this Wine package and then install Workbench, everything should work fine.

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