I am trying to run a job in parallel using MPI (two cpu's). Up till now, without success. After installing the service, registering the identical user on both computers, it still fails to launch process 1, because the LogonUser failed - the message is:

Failed to launch Process 1:

LaunchProcess failed, LogonUser failed, Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
aborting ....

Our login name is (xxxxx) but the password is empty. (We only have to hit return to enter the system.) Does this lead to problems?

For this error, the CFX-5.7 Installation manual says:
"The user ID specified via register-mpich-user is not valid for one of the hosts in the run.
To find which host, processes start at 0 and usually run in the order you set them up in."

The setup of the user account is usually the problem. It says in the manual that for the mpich service the password is encrypted and added to the registry. In this case the user account did not have a password. It is necessary.

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