Customer downloaded the Linux version of ANSYS 8.1 onto a cd, then mounted it and ran the INSTALL. He then gets the following error:

[root@sgi350 ansys_inc]# ./INSTALL -NOGUI

: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

Why isn't he able to successfully install from his cd?

Bad interpreter messages are always permission problems or the path to the shell (first line of script) is not pointing to the
shell interpreter. The customer should do the following:

1) Verify that he has execute permissions.
2) Check the first line of the INSTALL script. We use /bin/sh. It is possible that he needs to change this to /usr/bin/sh.

In this particular case, the user tried changing the first line of the script and got the following error using vi:

"INSTALL" [dos] 2906L, 92931C

Error detected while processing modelines:

line 5:

E518: Unknown option: 7.n

Hit ENTER or type command to continue

The "[DOS]" in the message is the clue. Somehow the user has a PC
formatted file. The user will need to remove the "^M" (control M) (probably
invisible) from the end of each line. We don't use PC formatted
files so he must have done some work on a PC to get the file formatted
in this way.

You can try this to get rid of the ^M (control M) from the lines:

:se fileformat=unix

Then vi INSTALL and see if the "[DOS]" is gone from the bottom status line.

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