Fixing corrupt ACIS geometry using a parasolid file

Occasionally, GAMBIT users who generate ACIS geometry using the tools available within GAMBIT find that the geometry has become corrupt. This is indicated, for example, by a volume split which ought to work but instead generates an error message. Here's a work-around that I have used which, in many cases, will fix the corrupt geometry.
Fixing corrupt ACIS geometry using a parasolid file.

1. Export your geometry to a parasolid file (File->Export->Parasolid).
2. Begin a New GAMBIT session.
3. Import the parasolid file you just created (File->Import->Parasolid).
Use the "Make Tolerant" option (and, if desired, the "Heal Geometry option) when importing the file.

As a precaution, you should perform a "Check" of your geometry (volumes, faces, etc.) to ensure that corrupt geometry doesn't still exist.

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