User gets the following error at the end of his ICEM CFD install:

Product AI*Environment Direct CAD for SolidEdge (feature aipise) Check out failed for the above product
checkout failed for the above product.
Flexlm error message

Invalid Parameter (42-139)

Next pop-up message:

Could not get ANSYS / ICEM CFD license for semif
possible causes are: ...

When trying to manually register the semif.dll, he gets:

LoadLibrary("semif.dll)failed - Invalid access to memory location.

Why is he getting these error message at the end of the ICEM CFD install or trying to manually register the semif.dll file?

This problem has been addressed for the ICEM 5.1 release.
To install the newer version, you can contact us to get the latest interface shared library "semif.dll" attached to this solution.
Rename the existing `semif.dll` to `semif.old` and save the new one into the same directory.
Once you have saved the file in the same directory, you can activate it by entering the following commands from a system prompt:

cd v81AIEnvironment5.0-windifsemif

regsvr32 semif.dll

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