Customer receives an exception error pointing to the Wish executable on a Windows 64-bit Itanium when he tries to bring up the ANSYS 8.1 Launcher by clicking Start->Programs->ANSYS 8.1->Configure ANSYS Products.

ANSYS launches OK from a command prompt or when he picks Start->Programs->ANSYS 8.1->ANSYS.

What causes this error? What can be done to fix the Launcher?

This is a known defect with the ansinfo.dll file. It was linked with an older version of FLEXlm.
The user needs to download a new version of the ansinfo.dll.

Have customer perform the following:

1. Go to <a target=_blank href=""></a>
Login: anonymous
Password: <user's email address>

2. Change to directory pubarchiveansinfowin64

3. Download file:

4. Under c:Program filesansys incv81commonfileslauncherlibwin64
rename the ansinfo.dll to ansinfo.dll.old.

5. Save the downloaded file to the above directory and rename it to ansinfo.dll

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