inverted volumes in thin annular space

User got message about inverted volumes and high skewness while meshing a cylindrical looking volume using cooper scheme. The cooper direction was radially inwards. He did not want to decompose the volume further.
Following defaults were changed:

Edit Defaults Mesh Face -> Exact mesh eval = 0
Edit Defaults Mesh Edge -> Exact mesh eval = 0

The resulting cooper mesh did not have inverted or skewed elements.

User wanted to put 10 layers of cells in the thin annular space along the cooper direction. This was causing this error. No error was reported if 2 or 3 cell layers were used. However, user did not want to reduce the number of layers.
With both edge and face mesh evaluations set to the same integer (0 or 1), better node placement was possible with 10 layers of cells.

So, if more cell layers are needed in a very thin space, it is important to use the same mesh evaluation for edge and face entities.

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