Why do I get the error message below in ANSYS 8.1 when I attempt to export a model to ADAMS?

*** ERROR *** CP= 19.188 TIME= 15:28:37
The number of modes expected (18) does not match the number found (16).
Most likely, the model has errors or there were more modes requested
than exist. Please review the prior modal solution for warnings.

In this simple BEAM4 model, the use of lumped mass in the ADAMS
macro (LUMPM,ON) results in no rotary inertia at some of the dof. On a simple
model like this one, it is better to use BEAM188 becausing the lumping process does
not remove its rotational inertia [Ref: Theory Manual Section 13.2.2.]. The ADAMS macro is primarily intended
for models with distributed mass, for which stiffness and inertia could not be
calculated by hand.

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