What is your advice on 64-bit systems for ANSYS 9.0?
Potential operating systems include LINUX, Sun OS 9, and Window XP 64-bit.
We believe that the AMD Opteron 64-bit computers have good price/performance numbers.
Also, will ANSYS 9.0 support a workspace greater than 16 MBytes?
Can you advise on the suitability of Sun/LINUX/XP-64? We want the large RAM size supported
under 64-bit operating systems for efficient Multiphysics runs using the SPARSE solver.

As of 10/15/2004 here is the status of 64 bit computing on the hardware and operating systems
you are considering.

1. Yes, ANSYS 9.0 will support a workspace greater than 16 MBytes.
2. Sun/LINUX/XP-64 are all good operating systems as far as we know.
3. Yes, it's correct that ANSYS 8.1 does not run under Windows XP-64
on AMD Opteron processors.

We have 2 Opteron systems in-house:

Sun V20z ---> SuSE SLES 8 (powered by UnitedLinux 1.0) (AMD64)
Sun V40z ---> Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 3 (Taroon Update 1)

Preliminary testing shows Ansys90 runs OK on these two systems.
We will be running the "certification" tests on these systems
as soon as the ANSYS 9.0 release is completed. We are still in
the process of benchmarking these systems to see if there are
any problems, but we haven't encountered any to date.

We have noticed that Red Hat Linux changes so much between releases that
it is not backward compatible. For example, a port to Red Hat Release 3 won't
run on previous versions.

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