Where is "Mechanical Toolbar" located in ANSYS 8.1? "Mechanical Toolbar" was under
"Menu Control" in ANSYS 8.0.

From section of the "ANSYS Release 8.1 Notes":

The Mechanical Toolbar facility has been undocumented and is no longer supported in
the ANSYS Professional product. Therefore, Mechanical Toolbar is no longer the default
start-up GUI for ANSYS Professional. To continue using Mechanical Toolbar in ANSYS 8.1,
issue a KEYW,SHOWMTB,1 command from within your start.ans file.

Note that the above applies to all ANSYS products which previously included the Mechanical
Toolbar and that the reference to the start.ans file should have been to file start81.ans.
Be sure to check the launcher preference to read the start.ans file at startup.

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