Customer has ANSYS 7.0 installed on two Windows XP machines, one with SP1 and the other with SP2.
ANSYS on the Windows XP SP1 machine runs with no problem. When they try to start ANSYS 7.0 on the machine with SP2 installed, nothing happens.
Is ANSYS 7.0 supported on Windows XP SP2?

ANSYS 8.0, ANSYS 8.1, and ANSYS 9.0 have been tested to a level that earned a "certified" rating, but not a "supported" rating. No ANSYS service packs are required.
SP11 for ANSYS 7.0 and SP1 for ANSYS 7.1 must be installed in order to run these versions on Windows XP SP2, however, it is not certified or supported.

ANSYS/ED 7.0 does not run on Windows XP SP2 and there is no service pack for this version. The customer will need to install ANSYS/ED 8.0 to run on this OS.

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