A customer can only do colored contour plots in Workbench. For reports that are to be printed on Black-and-White laser printers, they would like the option to have grey-scale contour plots from Workbench. This type of plotting can be done from the traditional ANSYS interface, but no effective means is evident in Workbench. The printing of color contour plots with black-and-white devices turns both blue and red into near-black shades, and is not satisfactory for report review.

The Workbench Help system points out that: "You can edit the colors of the contour bands simply by double-clicking a band." This is an awkward work-around, and only good for an individual result in the Solution branch. Can a one-click selection of a grey scale for contour plots be implemented in a new ANSYS DesignSimulation release, with light grey at the "low stress" end, and dark grey at the "high stress" end, and enough distinction in grey levels that they are visible in black-and-white laser-printer plots when discreet contours are employed?

The attached Workbench macro, "SetGreyScaleLegend.js" can be run fromTools > Run Macro in Simulation.
It will change the color contours on the selected object to Grey scale for greater clarity on a monochrome printer.

It could be modified to set all of the project's contours to grey if needed.

Please note that this is not a documented nor supported macro. The macro was used to create the attached plot on a Windows XP machine.

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