I am working with ANSYS ICEM CFD 5.0 and I need to import a geometry from Pro/Engineer.
Do I need to install Pro/Engineer on my computer?

If you want to use the direct import (file, import geometry, ProE), and you are running ICEM on Windows, you can create a mapped drive to the machine that has Pro/E installed. Then set the PROE_EXEC_PATH environment variable to point across this mapped drive to the Pro/E start up script.
Pro/E must also be able to see the direct interface files. The "protk.dat" inside proe has two lines ("exec_path" and "text_dir"). The first one must point across the mapped drive to the promif.dll contained within 5.0-win/dif/pro, and the second one should point to 5.0-win/dif/pro/text. You could alternatively, copy the "pro" folder to the machine that has Pro/E on it, and have the protk.dat point to the necessary files (promif.dll and text) inside the pro folder.

If you are running Pro/E on a Unix machine, then you could use the same procedure but you couldn't go across a mapped drive. The drive would have to be locally mounted. This would only work between two unix machines.

If you don't want to do this, you could always export from Pro/E as a step file, then move that file over to your computer and import that step file.

If the machines can't see each other over a mapped drive because one is unix and one is windows, You could run the direct interface to Pro/E interactively when you open Pro/E to translate the ICEM tetin file, then move that tetin over to your machine. This would require you to move the "pro" folder to the machine that has Pro/E, and use protk.dat to point to the promif.dll and text directory.

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