I have a two part assembly with touching bodies that I'm meshing in CFX-Mesh. With one part suppressed, the
mesh on the other part appears to be fine and inflation layers are created where expected. If I do nothing
but unsuppress the other part, however, the inflation layers created on the first part vanish. I thought that the
meshes for different parts were independent. What happened to the inflation layers when i unsuppressed the
second part?

The problem is the fact that when you have two "parts" they are not aware that they are in contact and do not share
faces...which leads to them not sharing mesh. In this case, with the part suppressed the mesh is as expected, when
the part is unsuppressed the inflator looks to see if inflation layers are intersecting with other layers or other surface
mesh and in this case the inflator sees that the mesh on the other non-inflated part and terminates inflation. There
is no easy way to fix this. This behavior can also be seen when surface proximity is used on parts that touch but
do not share faces, the surface mesher looks for surface mesh that is in close proximity and finds the mesh from
the other part and vice-versa. In this case the mesh becomes very fine. This inflation case is intrinsically the same behaviour.

One workaround would be to mesh the two parts separately (suppressing one or the other) and import them into
Pre and set them up with a GGI interface. They would come in as two assemblies even if meshed simulataneously in
CFX-Mesh, anyway, since the two bodies do lie in different parts.

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