I'm running CFX-5.7 with Service Pack 1 installed. When I import a
Gridgen Version 15.05 mesh, the named regions for boundary conditions are
shuffled. For example, the main pipe connecting to the annulus is identified
as Inflow A in the CFX-Preprocessor when it should be part of a wall boundary.

This is a bug in the released version of 5.7 with Service Pack 1 that is fixed in
CFX-5.7.1. Users could also copy the revised getmesh executable to the proper
place in the 5.7 installation folder and it would also fix the problem. (On a Windows
machine in the binwinnt folder in the CFX-5.7 installation directory, rename the existing
getmesh.exe file, and then copy the unzipped revised getmesh.exe file to this directory.)

The only other workaround would be to import the mesh into ICEM CFD 5.0 and
change the parts by selecting the desired regions for boundaries and then write
the revised file out to CFX-5 format.

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