A user brings an assembly into Workbench from Inventor 9. Upon attempting to solve, an error occurs:

"At least one contact pair has no elements in it. This may be due to mesh based defeaturing of the geometry.
Set the variable "contactAllowEmpty" to 1 in order to allow the solution to proceed with an ANSYS warning which
can be used to identify the offending pair(s)."

Where does one set this variable?

The "contactAllowEmpty" variable needs to be added to the Workbench. The procedure is as follows:

1. Under Tools, open the Variable Manager
2. Add the variable "contactAllowEmpty". Be sure the spelling is correct
3. Set the value to 1
4. Check the variable as active.

ANSYS will output the surface that has empty contact. THE USER SHOULD VERIFY THAT NO CONTACT IN THIS REGION IS OK. If it is not ok, then there may be a bug in the mesher and we should know about this. The variable was setup for cases where defeaturing eliminated some of the surfaces and contact is no longer required in that region.

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