Customer installed ANSYS 9.0 and is using Distributed Ansys on a 32 CPU (16 node) Dell Xeon EM64T cluster running RedHat Enterprise 3.0. While trying to get this to work, the customer ran into problems trying to get the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set. The customer was able to resolve the problem and in doing so found some issues that where not clear in the documentation.

1. The included ANSYS shell script for setting up the environment variables needs to be in .bashrc not .profile or .bash_profile. The file .bashrc is sourced when you rsh, but the other two are not.

2. When you launch a distributed solve, all of the machines need to have the exact same working directory structure pre-created. So if you are in ~/foo, all of the machines need to have a foo directory under your home directory.

Both of these issues are documented, but easily looked over. For example, the documentation states that "all machines must have identical working directory structures". If you want to run ANSYS from a subdirectory in your home directory, then you need to go to each machine and create the same subdirectory in the same location before you launch ANSYS in distributed mode.

For the .bashrc, the documentation says "For a sh or bash shell, add the following line to either your .login, or .profile or equivalent shell startup file:". The equivalent shell startup file that you would need to edit is the .bashrc because rsh sources .bashrc but not .profile or .bash_profile when you execute a command remotely.

Once the customer resolved these issues, he was then able to run Ansys in distributed mode.

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