I have a results files which features sharp gradients in certain variables.
When I color different locators with these variables with flat shading and
zero transparancy selected in "Render", I get colors which are not
part of the color scale, like purple or brown. That prevents you from
reading the values clearly.

This problem arises when you color locators with variables for which sharp gradients
exist such that Post has to interpolate between the minimum and maximum colors
(blue and red for the rainbow color map). It is a result of the way that openGL color
interpolation works.

When openGL interpolates between red and blue, purple or gray or black may appear,
depending on the implementation. It is even worse with complementary colours
(like blue and orange). The best thing to do in these cases is to use a contour plot,
which will always go smoothly between two colours, adding the needed number of intermediate
contours within the range. So you get cyan, green, yellow and orange as thin bands.

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