The CONTA178 Real Constant choices do not match the KEYOPT
settings in the ANSYS 9.0 (Classic) GUI. Is this a known bug?

In ANSYS 9.0, the options for CONTA178 KEYOPT(2) were reordered to
be consistent with the surface-to-surface and node-to-surface contact
elements (see ANSYS Release 9.0 Documentation shown below).
However, the element Real Constant section in the GUI did NOT get
updated to reflect these changes. If KEYOPT(2) is set to 1 for Pure
Penalty, the Real Constant input dialogue box incorrectly reflects
the Lagrange + Penalty input. Likewise, if KEYOPT(2) is set to 3 for
Lagrange + Penalty, the Real Constant input dialogue box incorrectly
reflects the Pure Penalty input, etc. Defect 29508 was filed and fixed
in the UP20041216 build of ANSYS 10.0. However, a service pack will
be created soon for ANSYS 9.0, and we are hopeful that this fix will
make it into the ANSYS 9.0 Service Pack.

ANSYS Release 9.0 Documentation

ReleaseNotes | Chapter 1. ANSYS Release 9.0 Notes |

1.2. Guidelines for Upgrading to the ANSYS 9.0 Family of Products
This section contains important information that you may need to consider
as you upgrade from your current version of ANSYS to the new ANSYS 9.0.

1.2.1. Incompatibilities
The following incompatibilities are known to exist at ANSYS 9.0.

... KEYOPT(2) Revised for CONTA178
KEYOPT(2) of the CONTA178 node-to-node contact element controls which
contact algorithm is used. The options for KEYOPT(2) have been reordered
to be consistent with other contact elements. As a result, the default
contact algorithm for this element is now the augmented Lagrange method
instead of the Lagrange multiplier method. See the CONTA178 element
description for complete details on KEYOPT(2) settings.

The fix to this defect has been approved for inclusion into the first servicepack of ANSYS 9.0.

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