I have activated a 3d element type, why are no elements generated when I extrude the mesh from 2d to 3d?

Before extruding you must set the element extrusion options. At a minimum, you must select the 3d element
type to be used and you must set the number of element divisions in the extrusion direction. In your case,
element divisions were not specified so a volume only was created without elements. The GUI path for extrusion
options command (EXTOPT) is: Main Menu > Preprocessor > Modeling > Operate > Extrude > Elem Ext Opts.

The following example demonstrates:

/prep7 !Enter the preprocessor
blc4,0,0,10,10 !Create an area
/view,1,1,1,1 !Isometric view
et,1,200 !Add 2d mesh200 element type
keyopt,1,1,6 !Set mess200 to 4node quad
amesh,1 !Mesh area
et,2,45 !Add 3d solid45 element type
type,2 !make this type active
voffst,1,5 !Extrude area along normal
eplo !Only 2d elements
! Area is extruded into a volume here, but there are no elements generated

!If you use the Element Extrusion Options before Extruding, elements will be generated as follows:
extopt,esize,5 !Extrude with 5 elements through extrusion
voffst,1,5 !Try extrude again

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