I have a Plot3D grid that I created that I want to import into
CFX-Pre. I couldn't find the import filter at first, but finally
found that I could set the type to user import and point it
to ImportPlot3D.exe. When the file was imported,
however, all the boundaries were lumped into a single
2D region. I need to be able to set different boundary
conditions on different faces. What options do I have?

Support for the Plot3D format was discontinued some time ago for

Files can still be imported, but the problem of setting different
boundary conditions remains.

One possibility would be to import the mesh as described above
and save it in CFX-5 format. That mesh could then be imported
into ICEM and new regions created by picking groups of
element faces in ICEM.

An approach that wouldn't require a pass through ICEM would be to
build the Plot3D mesh in multiple blocks. if you have multiple blocks and
import them into CFX-Pre using the Plot3d filter with the -3 option
(and equivalence nodes), you will get separate 3d regions for each block.

Where blocks intersect, you'll get separate 2D regions. If you had six dummy
blocks surrounding the faces a single real block, then you'd get all six faces on your real
block as separate 2D regions. These dummy blocks could be just one cell thick in the
direction normal to the block.

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