There is no option in the ANSYS GUI to change the number of a node, is there a workaround?

Yes, follow this procedure:

1) Get the x, y, and z location of the existing node.
2) Create a node with the new node number at the same location using the N command.
3) Merge the two nodes with NUMMRG,NODE,,,,SWITCH.
Set "SWITCH" to "LOW" if the new node number is lower than the existing node number.
Set "SWITCH" to "HIGH" if the new node number is higher than the existing node number.

Here is an example:

/prep7 !Create simple model

!***Important commands here******************************************

mynode=42 !Enter node number here
x_loc=nx(mynode) !X-location of mynode
y_loc=ny(mynode) !Y-location of mynode
z_loc=nz(mynode) !Z-location of mynode
n,1234,x_loc,y_loc,z_loc !Create node 1234 at the same location as mynode
!Instead of the previous 5 commands you could use this shortcut: n,1234,nx(42),ny(42),nz(42)
nummrg,node,,,,high !Merge nodes and keep higher number
!nlist !Verify node at (x_loc,y_loc,z_loc) is now node 1234


plns,s,eqv !Plot results to verify change did not affect results

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