At Simulation 9.0 my Pre and Postprocessing command branches have no effect on my solution. The commands funtioned properly at 8.1 but now do not show up in my solver output and don't affect my solution. What's wrong?

At Simulation 9.0 the Pre and Postprocessing command branches were inadvertently disabled. With the 9.0 release command objects were introduced as a replacement for Pre and Post command branches. The funcitonality of both was to be available for release 9.0 with the Pre and Post command branches being removed completely at release 10.0. The workaround is to simply copy/paste the commands from the old command branches into the new command objects which are inserted into the tree in the same way as Pre and Post branches were. A brief description of the new command objects is available in the WB 9.0 release notes with more complete documentation in the regular help system.

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