The monitor plots are not being updated, when restarting a run from the Solver Manager (SM). Based on the output file, the run is proceeding well.

There are some issues that can cause monitor plots not to update:

- If the monitor data is corrupted for some reason, the residual plots will not update.

- All subsequent runs which use corrupted data for a restart will not show the monitor plots.

File corruption can happen for a number of reasons - full file system, something locking or corrupting the file (especially over NFS), etc.

In order to determine the corrupted line in the mon file load the res file into the Solver Manager GUI. Select the option s"Most Recent" for the timestep range. Click on the residual lines right at the end to see what timestep is the last valid one.
Extracted mon.txt from your res file with the command:
/path-to-CFX/bin/cfx5dfile -def myrun_001.res -read-monitor > mon.txt
Find the corrupt line and deleted it. Save the change to mon.txt. Re-name modified mon.txt to mon.old and replace the "mon.old" in your run directory with this new modified mon.old file, then open Solver Manager and start monitoring with Solver Manager (using Monitor Run in Progress), the residuals plot should update now.
Also, the new res file will then contain valid monitor data.

Here's a cooked up example:

2,2,1.04583e10,2.593984e10 (This will be the last data point SM shows)
3,3,1.0854, 2.593984e104,4,1,1.049823e10,2.639583e10 (lines 3 and 4 got merged together)

Either delete or fix the corrupted line and save the mon file.

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