I have a mass and a beam defined, why do I get the warning message that a real constant is referenced by 2 element types?

The model includes BEAM189 elements defined using sections and MASS21 elements defined using real constants. By default, the first section and the real constant number is 1. ANSYS sees that the beam element is referenced by section 1 and real constant 1. The following warning message is given:

*** WARNING ***
Real constant 1 referenced by at least element types 1 and 2.

The BEAM189 documentation states that "BEAM189 will ignore any real constant data beginning with Release 6.0."

Therefore, there will be no conflict and the solver will use the section definition for the beam element.

However, if you would like to not receive this warning message, simply remove the definition for real constant 1. Use the real constants starting from 2 and don't define a real constant 1.

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