How do you impose a given displacement in a cylindrical coordinate system in ANSYS WorkBench (WB) 8.0?

Do the following in Simulation : (it is easier than coming back in ANSYS) :

1. Create a local cylindrical coordinate system at the desired location. The first one which is created will have the number 12 and WB will automatically increment this number if other coordinate systems are created.

2. Create a Named Selection with the face on which the given displacement has to be defined.

3. In the 'Environment' branch, insert Preprocessing commands and fill it with the following lines :

! Enter ANSYS Commands or Load Preprocessing Command Builder
! Commands entered here assume you are in the /SOLUTION module.
! You can enter Preprocessing commands after typing in /PREP7 to switch modules!

cmsel,s,DEPIMPOSE ! Select the node on the Named Selection face
csys,12 ! Activation of the cylindrical coordinate system
nrotate,all ! Rotation of all the selected nodes
d,all,ux,2 ! Given Displacement
csys,0 ! Global coordinate system
allsel ! Select everything


SOLC,ON ! Set solution control settings to default
OUTRES,ERASE ! Set OUTRES settings to default

! Active UNIT system in Workbench when this object was created: Metric (mm, kg, MPa, C, s)
! End of default Preprocessing commands

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