Customer gets the following error message when launching ANSYS90 in alpha tru64 5.1

410114:/ansys_inc/v90/ansys/bin/alpha/ansys.e90: /sbin/loader: Error: symbol "__atdlclose_mutex" unresolved
410114:/ansys_inc/v90/ansys/bin/alpha/ansys.e90: /sbin/loader: Fatal
Error: Load of "/ansys_inc/v90/ansys/bin/alpha/ansys.e90" failed:
Unresolved symbol name

Press <Enter> to close this window.

What does he need to do to get ANSYS to run on this machine?

A: You can go into the directory:


Here, there is a file name
It's the ANSYS file where the symbol "__atdlclose_mutex" is defined.
This symbol must be defined in the ANSYS library for the version 5.1 of tru64 but not for the version 5.1A of tru64.

If you rename to, ANSYS will take the system symbol definition.
You should now be able to launch ANSYS90 without the error message.

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