Mixsim2: Correlations panel is empty (no values, no impellers listed) -- Error message "invalid function".

In Mixsim 2.0.2, I try to open the pre-CFD correlations panel by the menu item "Report---Correlations".
The panel comes up, but it doesn't display any values in the data fields, and in the MixSim console window, I find the following error message:

Error: eval: invalid function
Error Object: 0
This is caused by a missing parameter in some of the impeller definition files (MixSim object files).
The files affected are (in .../Fluent.Inc/mixsim2.0/Mixsim-Object-Library):
- Impeller-Dummy-Philadelphia.mxo
- Impeller-Geom-Custom.mxo
- Impeller-Geom-Helical.mxo
- Impeller-Geom-High-Eff.mxo
- Impeller-Geom-InterferenceT.mxo
- Impeller-Geom-Retreat.mxo
- Impeller-Geom-Smith.mxo
To resolve the problem, please open the relevant file, find the line "[Parameter List]", and insert the following section into the file right below that line:

Type: Text
Name: ImpellerType
Label: Impeller Type
Length: 30
Value: Radial
Hidden Parameter?: Yes
[End Parameter]

The Word behind "Value:" in this file section (defining a hidden parameter) can be either of the following -- please choose the most appropriate for the impeller in question:
"Axial", "Radial", "Flat", "Other", "PBT", "High Eff.", "Flat Radial", "Concave Radial".

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