How to calculate the cylindrical velocity components in CFX-Post

CFX-Post includes additional Turbo post-processing capabilities for turbomachinery. However, also for non-turbo applications the turbo menu provides the capability to create a Cylindrical coordinate system about the axis of rotation and generate additional variables about this coordinate. This can be done regardless of whether it is a rotating or a non-rotating application.

To specify the axis of rotation, go to Tools>Modify Rotation Axis. If your model has a rotating frame, the axis definition will be picked up from the res/def file based on your rotating frame. If you wish to modify the axis, or specify one for a non-rotating problem, uncheck Axis Definition from File and specify either a Principal Axis, or two points to define the axis. Specifying the axis will instantly add a Turbo section to your variables which includes three scalar fields:

Axial Distance

And three vector fields:
Axial Direction
Radial Direction
Theta Direction

In addition, you can calculate velocity components from Tools>Calculate Velocity Components. This will add three scalar fields:
Velocity Axial
Velocity Circumferential
Velocity Radial

And one vector field:
Velocity Meridional

The meridional velocity includes the axial and radial components of velocity, but excludes the circumferential component.

This information is also to be found on the CFX Community Site:
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CFX-5 Technical Tips --> Calculating Cylindrical Velocity Components

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