Mixsim2: Manipulating (rotating) preview graphics: cortex receives SIGSEGV

I look at the preview graphics and rotate it vigorously. After a few seconds, cortex receives a "fatal signal (SEGMENTATION VIOLATION)". This can be reproduced on both Linux and Windows.
Depending on the hardware, driver software, and operating system, different graphics driver options for the HOOPS component in MixSim (cortex) show different degrees of susceptibility to this problem.
(To try different graphics driver options, run Mixsim with on of the following command line options:
- Linux: "-driver x11" or "-driver opengl"
- Windows: "-driver msw" or "-driver opengl"
This is a problem connected with transparent entities in the HOOPS graphics. It occurs especially when there are complicated (rounded) surfaces to be displayed as visible through other, semi-transparent entities.
To avoid the error, try the following workarounds:
- In the Model Management panel, click on "Fast" under "Graphics Manipulation" before manipulating the preview graphics. This will replace the graphical display by a simple cylinder during manipulation.
(-- This may impede zooming [drag right mouse button up and down]. Switch to "Full" for that, and then back to "Fast".)
- In the preview graphics windows, hide the transparent display of the tank by pressing the "R-Tank" button. Similarly, you can hide visible Hex Regions and impeller compartments ("MRF zones") using the "R-Hex" and "R-Zone" buttons, resp.

In general, this seems to be less likely to appear on faster graphics systems. Try using OpenGL by running "mixsim -driver opengl".

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