Simulation is sometimes not able to locate result files after the solution is complete. This applies to Asynchronous Solutions (UNIX Server, LSF Cluster, WB Cluster)
This occurs when the user submits the job, then exits Workbench.

If Simulation is able to find the results, there will be green arrows next to the results. You can then retrieve them by RMB on Solution and selecting Get Results.
If Simulation is not able to find the results, then there will be yellow lightning bolts next to the solution results.

Workaround : Save all model files AFTER you start the remote solution and BEFORE you exit Workbench.
In contrast, if you do not save the results AFTER the batch solution has started and BEFORE you exit, then Simulation will not be able to find the results.

This is a known issue and is to be resolved in Workbench 10.0

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