How to calculate heat transfer coefficient based on bulk inlet temperature?

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There is an expert parameter, described below that will get you the info. If for an existing res file, you'll have to set the expert parameter in Pre, then re-run your solution for a single iteration using the res file as an initial guess.

Name: tbulk for htc
Type: Real
Default Value: 300 K

CFX-5 Solver Modelling
Expert Control Parameters
Page 416 CFX-Solver Expert Control Parameters CFX-5.7.1

Description: When the Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC) is computed for a temperature specified wall, by default a near-wall fluid temperature is used for a temperature scale. However, for consistency with traditional 1D analyses, the user may wish to enter a reference bulk temperature to compute the HTC. This parameter is that reference value.Thus the HTC computed when this parameter is provided is equal to the local heat flux calculated by the solver divided by the difference of the specified wall temperature and this specified bulk temperature.

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