The CFX-5 Solver uses a license from a license file which is not on my license server. This license file is always found and the keys are used. Even when my license server is down. All PCs are in a network, all have OS WIN XP SP 2. The LM_LICENSE_FILE is set in order to direct the license request to my license server, but this does not happen.

FlexLM uses several entries in the Registry, which seem to have a higher priority, so that the actual environment variables have no effect.

The solution is:

1. Open the Registry. (Press Windows Start Button , choose - Run - type in: regedit)
2. Search for all occurences of the Entries

(eventually more)

delete these. Repeat the search (F3) unless none of these entries are found.
3. Then search for

FLEXlm License Manager

or go directly to


here you find the entries (for example)
CFDS_LICENSE_FILE 7157@Computername
ICEM_CFD_LICENSE_FILE 7157@Computername
(eventually more)

These entries might lead the license request to the wrong license server called "Computername".

4. Delete the wrong registry entries.

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