I began a DesignModeler session and attached to an active CAD model. Later I moved the CAD file and wished to update the path to DM. The Project page does not show the CAD file and DM will not allow me to browse to the new location of the CAD file. What can I do?

The problem is this: if you open a DM session and then, from the File menu `Attach to Active CAD Geometry` the CAD file does not show up in the project page. If, on the other hand, you start a new Project and choose to link to active CAD Geometry, THEN start DM, the file shows up in the Project page.

There is a way to update your file. Start a CAD session and open a file (the actual file need not be the one of interest). Now open the DM model that you wish to update to the new CAD file location. In DM you will see that the `Source` field for the `Attach` is now editable and you can browse to the new file location and regenerate.

The best advice for now is always start from an empty project, "Link to Active CAD Geometry", then go to DM.

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