I want to calculate the thermal stresses in forced convection cooled electronic components. I want to perform a conjugate heat transfer analysis that includes meshes of both the fluid and the conducting solids and calculates the spatially varying convection coefficients on wetted surfaces between them. I then wish to use the calculated temperature distribution in structural elements to calculate thermal stress. Do you have an example illustrating how this can be done?

The attached presentation and parameterized input file jointly describe and demonstrate the procedures for performing a FLOTRAN conjugate heat transfer analysis. This is a very simple model - a quarter symmetry model of a rectangular duct. Air is forced through the duct and a uniform heat flux is applied to the exterior of the duct. The only mechanism for the removal of heat from the duct in this model is convection from the interior surface of the duct to the air. After the CFD analysis is completed, the conduction solilds are turned into structural elements. The calculated temperature distribution is then read into the structural mesh (LDREAD command) and thermal stresses are calculated.

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