How can I run CFX-5 from the command line, and what are the options?

1. On Windows, start the CFX-5 launcher, and go to the menu Tools/Command line

A DOS window will appear. In this window you can run a job with CFX-5 by typing eg:

cfx5solve -def filename.def -ini inifile.res

The above example will run a simulation with the specified def file, using the file inifile.res as an initial guess.

2. On Unix, you can use the same command in your terminal window, provided the directory CFX5_INSTALLATION_DIR/bin is in your PATH.

3. For more information on what arguments are available with the command cfx5solve, you can either type:
cfx5solve -help

or take a look a the online documentation, section Master content/Solver manager/Managing your CFD run/Starting the solver from the command line.

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