When running CFX-5, I get the error message *** INSUFFICIENT CATALOGUE SIZE ***. How can I correct this?

This error message appears when the CFX-5 Memory Management System (MMS) has run out of space.
If you run from the command line, you can try to run with:
cfx5solve -smms 1.3 -def ....

Otherwise, you can add a parameter in the SOLVER CONTROL section of the CCL in the following way:
In CFX-Pre, open your simulation. Under the physics tab, right click on the SOLVER CONTROL section and choose 'Edit in Command Editor'. Then add the line:
Catalogue Size Multiplier = 1.3

as in

Catalogue Size Multiplier = 1.3
Option = Upwind


You may need to experiment a little with the suggested value of 1.3.

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