Why isn't the TRANSFER command working?

The most common mistake made when using the TRANSFER command is with the active coordinate system. The TRANSFER command transfers a pattern of nodes FROM the active system TO the new system. The problem typically arises when the new local system is created, it automatically becomes active. Therefore, to correctly use the TRANSFER command, make sure to set the active coordinate system (CSYS) back to the one that the model is currently in, typically global Cartesian (CSYS,0). See Solution #4228 (below) for a detailed example.

#4228 - How do you move a set of nodes and elements?

Q: I want to copy all of the elements in my model (some of which are, and some which are not, associated with a volume) over a value of -DX. How do I transform my model to this new location?
A: Here is how you can do the operation that you describe:

MODMSH,DETACH ! Disassociate the mesh from the solid model
LOCAL,11,0,-dx ! Create a local coord system @ (-dx,0,0)
CSYS,0 ! *********Make the global Cartesian system active again *********
TRANSFER,11,0,all ! Transfer all nodes to local system 11

Note that the elements will still be defined by their original node numbers. Since the nodes have been moved, the elements will automatically be moved also.
Note also that you will NOT be able to do any solid-model operations following this, including applying solid-model loads.

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