When I attach my Pro/Engineer models into Workbench, all of the CAD parameter definitions are duplicated. What's wrong?

It has been discovered that the following Pro/E Wildfire 1.0 and Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 versions, and possibly others, exhibit this problem.

Pro/E Wildfire 1.0 M240
Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 M080
Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 M090
Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 M110

Workaround : Use one of the following Pro/E builds:

Pro/E Wildfire 1.0 2002490
Pro/E Wildfire 1.0 2003490
ProE/ Wildfire 2.0 F000 (original build)

Additional Information

The Workbench plugin through version 9.0 uses an older API set called Pro/Develop.
PTC made a change to Pro/Develop, therefore causing the problem. Since this is an older
interface, it is unlikely that PTC will resolve any errors with it.

For Workbench 10.0, the plugin code will be modified to work with the newer and better
maintained Pro/Toolkit API.

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