I have downloaded and installed CFX-TurboGrid 2.2.1 for Windows XP from the CFX community website. When I try to run it I get a pop-up entitled CFX-TurboGrid 2.2.1 saying:

No license for CFX-TurboGrid could be found
CFX-TG exited with return code 1.

The license service is working fine, all other CFX applications (CFX-BladeGen, CFX-Pre etc) launch with no problems. CFX-TurboGrid 1.6 lauches with no problem using this license file on UNIX

The license file contains the following TurboGrid components

CFX-TURBOGRID-TGG 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS
CFX-TURBOGRID-TOL 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS
CFX-TURBOGRID-BOB 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS
CFX-TURBOGRID-TBG 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS

The license keys that you have in your license file for CFX-TurboGrid are for version 1.6. To run CFX-TurboGrid 2.2.1 you will need an extra license key called CFX-TURBOGRID-v2.

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