When will ANSYS Workbench support SolidWorks 2005 ?

Informal testing and feedback from customers indicate that SW2005 works well with Ansys Workbench 8.1 and 9.0 with exceptions noted below:

Surface models previously imported and saved in a DSDB will lose associativity when updated from SW2005. Solid components are OK and surface models newly imported are OK.

- To reiterate and ensure that we are not over-stating the surface issue for those looking to migrate to SW2005:
- Associativity will be broken for those databases that include surface models.
- Relinking loads based on this geometry can be time-consuming. However, once relinked, the association will be persistent within the SW2005 environment.
- Ideally this SHOULD NOT happen between CAD releases. Experience shows that it has happened on various CAD systems through the releases.
- This issue is caused by to a change in the way SW2005 handles associativity data for surface models created in previous SW versions.

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