What advection and transient scheme should I use for a DES simulation?

You should typically choose a 'High Resolution' or 'Specified Blend Factor' scheme for the advection, and the 'Second Order Backward Euler' scheme for the transient discretisation.

With this the solver will use the following:

- a 'High Resolution' or 'Specified Blend Factor' scheme for the momentum equations in the RANS region, a 'Central Difference' scheme in the LES region.
- an upwind scheme for the turbulence equations everywhere

- a second order transient scheme on the momentum
- a first order transient on the turbulence model

For a DES run, CFX-Pre 5.7 was wrongly suggesting that you should set the advection scheme to 'Central Difference'. This has been corrected from the CFX-5.7 Service Pack version.

Some more useful information on the DES model can be obtained from the validation report on the CFX Community pages (section CFX-5, validation): Development and application of a zonal DES turbulence model for CFX-5.

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