The solver manager fails with the following error messages:

Error sending CCL to database.

CCL parser failed with message:
Perl Syntax errors detected:
Error creating /MONITOR WORKSPACE:
cclCreateObject: unable to
create at C:Program FilesAnsys
IncCFXCFX-5.7.1libccl/CCL/ line 79.

What is causing this problem?

A: Check the name of your definition file. The following file names can cause failures of this type:

- Files containing a double underscore (e.g. wing__31.def)

- Files ending in _.def (e.g. tunnel_.def)

The double underscores cause the solver manager to fail. In the case of files ending in _.def the temporary directory created by the solver script will contain a double underscore (e.g. tunnel__001.dir). To fix the problem, re-name the file. Underscores will not cause a problem, as long as they are not adjacent, hence names such as wing_31.def wing_3_1.def are acceptable.

Also note that if the solver manager fails in this way, the solver usually continues to run without any problem in the background and so the error does not show up in the solver output file. If there are any unwanted solver processes running in the background, you may wish to terminate these manually. The process name to look for is solver-pvm.exe.

Note that this inability of the solver manager to cope with double underscores was noted in CFX-5.7.1 and may be fixed in a future release.

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